Denmark is a country of contrasts. Age-old churches and ancient government buildings dot the landscape of the cities as people go about their daily errands.Image


A hop over to Sweden gives a new perspective too. I’ve never seen a sky rise building so twisted, literally! Image

Then from our rented car, the long bridge back to Denmark seems like it ends in midair. Image

Wind turbines stand out like huge metal flowers in the fields. Image

We found so many bike pathways and paved walking trails all over and even one with white lines down the middle. Image

One B&B and hostel after another, we make our way to Aarhus, Hobor, and then Silkeborg, and find a beautiful little town surrounded by lakes and waterways. Image

The old brick hospital, where my Grandmother took her nurse’s training before coming to the US in 1921, expands down to a stream where quaint outdoor restaurants now line the edge of the water. Image

We eat in one of these, feasting on Danish favorites displayed on long white trays of delicacies. “Skol!”Image

That evening finds us in Gjern, a delightful little village where my Grandmother grew up. We stroll in the neighbourhood reading the common names of Pedersen, Jensen, and Nielsen, on the mailboxes as we go. Rose hips are the size of crabapples and as the sun sets, we find ourselves on a pathway bridge where street lamps lit up the forest trail back to the village. Early next morning in the cool fog, I run across the street to buy Danish pastries filled with prune and almond paste to have with our coffee. Then down the road we go again.

Back to Copenhagen we are enchanted (of course) by the statue of The Little Mermaid. She sits forlornly watching the ships come and go into the harbour. Image

What is she waiting for with such resignation and grace? Ah, the epitome of femininity!  The personification of faith!