Want to go to the Caribbean by bus? In Panama, getting from the Pacific to the Caribbean overland  is a trip!

0 Waiting time at bus terminal - me

But there is no better way to really get a feel for a country then to drive down its roads. But you must wait with us in the 95 degree heat with the locals!

2 Bus stop bench


Leaving the dusty towns we head inland and feel the coolness coming on by degrees.

6 Down a country Lane

The landscape of Panama is so similar to us and yet such different details unroll… like these air plants aloft on the branches.

8 Air plants in the trees

Along the way, we see the flavour of life unfold.

15.5 brother and sister

The local people don’t care where we are going or who we are.

15 Family walking

Up we go into the green hills of Panama…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Then we reach the little town of Boquete:

Down into Boquete

Plots of coffee plants grow up the face of the mountains.

Coffee on Hill

We drive around the country roads and stop for the views,

Overland view

finding perfect bouquets of flowers mirrored in a rushing stream.

flowers by stream

We stop to chat with those on the road.

20 Sunday stroll

…and marvel at the steep slopes where they harvest their crops.

21 harvesting the hillsides

Some of those bringing it to market don’t have a car.

24 Toting a heavy loadWe pass the ranchero and his wife.

22 Ranchero and wife going to town

….walking down from their pasture.

Rough Pasture

We greet the workers going home from the coffee plantations, their machetes in hand.

23 Working men with machetes

An old farm-house on stilts stands on a hillside,

27 House on stilts on hill

and the daughter/mother nods from a window with dignity.

28 Girl in the window

There’s a  family who waits for something at the side of the road…and we stop and chat with them for a while.

25 meeting the locals

At a rock formation, kids are playing. Look out for the soccer ball flying at you!

28.5 Baseball coming at you by the rock wall

Oh Boquete, you have a piece of my heart.


Back on the road  we wind ever upwards into the clouds.


Yet, looking back we can see the Pacific Ocean far away in the mist.

Peak view

But we climb higher…


Oops, a truck of plantains slows us down.


At the top, strong warm winds blow across the land….across the ribbon between the Americas!

32.5 Clouds on the Move

We start the plunge downward, every curve a thrill…


Now we pass tall gangly trees that look like flowers.Trees like flowers

And there are different homes by the wayside.

Home on a hillside

Finally three hours of travel in a fantastic roller coaster of a ride, there  above the foliage is the Caribbean coming into view.


Panama, a brave narrow strip of land holding apart the waters of two oceans. We’ve crossed you!


 ♥ ♥ ♥