As some of you know, I like riddles. They roll around in our mind like beach pebbles at the water’s edge. I’ve encountered one last weekend at the north end of the Anstey Arm of Shuswap Lake

We went camping. No big deal you say? P1050119Well, coming out of a cement-hard, fast track world and landing in the solitude of pulsating green growing things made even my breathing slower! P1050123At the dividing line between placid lake and every changing neon sky, it felt like we entered a different realm of existence.P1050108

Did you know that our whole body is generating an electromagnetic field around us by the pumping impulses from the heart? Actually, all living organisms possess these electromagnetic patterns creating a matrix of interaction, the very fabric of life!P1010835

So when we enter a wilderness world, our electrical field becomes synchronized with it and the harmony is heart felt. We and baby ducks

Now I’m a fan of accountability, karma, choice of lifestyle. I think we each create the world we live in to a large degree. P1010844But back to the riddle which is this:  If we create our own reality by our expectations – who creates nature’s beauty?

Creek entry

??????? Hmmmmm.