“Why do you guys like to travel so much?”, we’ve been asked. I’ll try to capture the reasons by sharing our experience on our recent trip to China.

Fog Embracing Vancouver SkylineTravelling can be stressful, exhausting, but always there is excitement. Before going to the airport, the autumn leaves in Vancouver gave us a fine sendoff. The dense fog lifted and then settled, embracing the cityscapes in a glorious ballet of movement as the leaves rustled past us. We too, are on the move.

Bridge in FogWaiting for departure… it’s like were about to cross a foggy bridge not really knowing what’s on the other side.

Yet, sometimes we look back in life and scenes of such intensity blaze across our consciousness. It’s almost as if we are there again. Those are the memories we treasure and conjure up in our minds again and again. If this is what “old people” do when they sit and gaze into the distance, then that time coming up for us might be OK. Those memories are what enrich our existence. We create unique ones when we travel. All together they accumulate into a kaleidoscope of images that keep rearranging themselves until finally they emerge into the patterns of our lives.

Now we are off to collect some more of these. By now, we’ve flown over the Bering Sea, reached the northeastern shores of Siberia and have another six hours in these cramped plane seats! Sigh….

(Hours later) We have arrived! With a very strange tour leader, we wait another two hours for more members of the group to arrive at the airport. Yes, some memories are negative enough to laugh about later.

TourbusThen by bus we blur into downtown Shanghai for an hour and finally crash-land into bed. More tomorrow…. Internet is on ant speed!

What a great bunch of people in our tour group! This is the first time we’ve been on an organized tour and we don’t quite know what to expect.

We find they are all seasoned travellers with lots of stories to tell.

Our Tour GroupGroup touring is a bit like summer camp. You have to be up at designated times and ready for the next days activities.

A Spread of Chinese DishesCommunal meal times are fun and the camaraderie builds with laughter while sharing strange dishes. So together, we set out to explore this part of China.


What surprises we find on our journey! They are not what we expected but that’s to be explored in the next blog.  (Pictures taken by Sean Pegg)

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