It’s only five o’clock in the morning as we head off down the river. We have things to buy and people to see! These waterways are the ancient highways and are still important transportation routes in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Up the river

Our small boat isn’t fancy but it carves through the dark water just fine. We quietly pass by small homes on the river front, and mileage signs are posted to guide us.

Homes on River

Others are all dressed up and getting ready to go to market too.

Off to the market-2

The boat motors have extended propellers which are lowered and raised in the water for easier manoeuvring. And this is necessary, for it’s going to be thick with boats at the floating market!

Off to the market

Oars, throttle and foot on the motor depth. Such dexterity is truly impressive.

Steering Dexterity

For the rainy season this family is prepared. Together they go about their business.

Prepared for rain

Many stop and buy their hot bowl of noodles for breakfast. Steam escapes as another boat offers us “coffee on the run.”

Hot noodles for Breakfast

This gal is sure skilled in balancing and gets noticed too!

Woman with oars

A woman gazes out before the crowds start coming.  She breathes the cool morning air and takes pride in her produce on display. How do you tell what each boat has for sale?

Large produce boat

They simply tie a sample on the top of a pole so all can see. No billboards hide the activities.

What are they selling?

A propeller sticks up in the air to get out of the way. It overlooks the load of onions these men are eager to sell.

Selling Onions

Each boat is unique in colour with gorgeous piles of fruit, vegetables and flowers for sale.

watermelon for sale

Perhaps this family is wholesale shopping for their vegetable stall in the street market later.

Baskets of produce

Or maybe they’ve purchased flowers to resell.

Flower sellers

I think these women are just out grocery shopping together, but look what they bought in the basket!
Duck on board

The hues of morning light look soft at the water’s edge as this woman ties up here purchases. Now, to cart it up to the house and resume the day’s schedule…

Home from the market

Wow! What drudgery we endure going to our own boring North American supermarkets every week when we could have all this atmosphere and fun on the river. Life is supposed to be an adventure!

Off to the floating market