So you want wind in your hair? You want to breathe in some fresh air? This trip will do just that! Around every winding curve of the road the serenity grows…

Wind over the Bay

I often drive down to Newport on the Oregon Coast to visit my elderly parents. Each time I make the trip, something really cool happens. The beach clears out the cobwebs and lets fresh breezes blow through the dark corridors from my mind. However, it’s a seaside for the strong of character. Seldom do you get to sunbath on these cool sands. But where else can you walk at the water’s edge straight through thick fog in the morning and then watch it gloriously lift off in just minutes. Later the sun dapples the pathways where you can walk through dense green undergrowth, dripping with color. Dappled in Sun This pathway spills down over wooden steps to the wild sound of surf. You enter a world of timeless rhythm, the ebb and the flow echoing our own up and down times in our lives.

Down to the Beach





















Birds on a Rock“What does one do in an Oregon Beach town,” you might ask? See the birds flock together on the rock? They know how to live in The Now, in sync with the sights and sounds.










Lazy Seals in the Sun






You can watch the lazy seals soak up the sun…











and with luck maybe zoom in with a camera to catch the baby with its mother.

Baby Seal


Low tide lets you explore tide pools and you might see some pretty strange sights, like  purple sea anemones eating up mussels for breakfast.

anenomes eating mussles

The Oregon Coast is rugged and wild. It’s often windy so you might want to buy a kite and fly it in the sky!

Power of a Kite


Silly KiteA big eyed silly kite that wants to be a wise guy!










Playing a Flute to the Wind




Or throw out a melody into the wind on a flute.







Grow a long tail that trails in the sand



You can play like a kid and trail a tail in the sand.



Later you can go to the Bay Front and hear the Sea Lions grunt and bark. Walking past the fish canneries you’ll know the authenticity of the town by the seaside smell. You can taste the famous clam chowder, or try a Crab Louis salad. Or a heaping pile of fried oysters on a platter. The food is definitely one of the attractions!


And all the time the waves go on carving masterpieces of their own on the canvas of the shore.

Rocks waiting

Haystack Rock




Driving north I see Haystack Rock. I think, “God is like that – solid.” Standing, withstanding the battering of wave after wave. God is my rock. I will not be moved and I know who I am.




I will miss the sea air – the pounding of the surf like a heartbeat from the earth. Breathe deep and take a little bit with you as you go!

Alive in the WindSo with one last glance and a soft “Adios,” I again depart from the shores of the Oregon Coast. 😉

The Edge of the Open