Jane Catherine Rozek

“What’s Christmas got to do with Petra?” you ask. The Three Wise Men who came from the East quite likely took this same caravan road in search of a unique child born to be a King! But these are tourists in the photo! I took this picture a month ago when we visited Petra.

When I clicked my camera, the scene flashbacked into history for me! I mean here are these three guys plodding along on their camels down the dark narrow canyon much like the Three Magi would have done. Did you know the Magi were actually Persian priests, distinguished astrologers regarded as scientists then. They read heavenly signs of prophetic meaning and they came to see just what had occurred. [1]


Down the narrow path to Petra! This ancient city was a centre of commerce along the major trade route from the Persian deserts in the East to the Mediterranean in the West.

Carved out of the red sandstone mountains in southern Jordan…

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