Halong 3Ha Long Bay  in northern Vietnam, is a name that means “descending dragon bay”. The supernatural scenery here sure seems fit for dragons and mythical creatures!  This unique landscape …

has  earned its reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  These islands were once mountains on dry land. Then over millions of years of tectonic plate movement, they were plunged into the sea and now they’ve emerged as emerald cones of green jungle.

Halong 1 Sean with boat flagMy intrepid travel guide, provider of clean hotels, cheap cold beverages and grand adventure, stands at the entry to this world wonder….

Halong 2At the end of six weeks travel in south Asia, it’s a treat to be off buses and trains and booked on a three-day boat excursion! Our accommodation is one of many for this is a popular travel destination and we meet people from all over the world.

Halong 7

We sit on topside in comfort watching the islands go by.

Halong 8

Inside there are tiny private cabins for sleeping with sea breezes blowing through the windows. Our meals are typical Vietnamese foods with “fine dining”.

Halong Bay boattrip

Everyday is highlighted with stops of interest too; kayaking into a small cove, snorkelling through schools of small fish, exploring peaks.  Each time we dock there is something new.

Halong 4

We climb up to lookouts to get a bird’s eye view of the bay below.

Halong 5

Oh dear! Did we get lost in a make-believe world?


Famous caves beckon us in to explore. Little do we know how big they are!

Halong 6



Huge stalactites and stalemates are light with coloured light. Whats the difference? Stalactites hold tight to the ceiling. Stalagmites might grow to the ceiling (over eons of time)!


Texture, lighting, and colour paint the scene around us as we walk down fairy-tale paths….


On the way back to our boat we see how the locals buy groceries from a vendor. Choose your veggies and fruit and the transactions are made with a long handled net!

Halong 4.5

Oh dear. Thank God the infant has a life rope tied to her leg!


The quietness of this kind of travel soothes our weariness as we find our way back to the marina. But the moist sea air will always be part of the flavour to the memories we take away from this strange part of the world…deep breathing serenity.